Some of my first memories are the beautiful sounds of the piano played by my Uncle Joe, hearing my Dad sing, and the first time I sat in a Broadway theatre to see 'Meet me in St.Louis'.  I was forever hooked and completely in love.  I knew that my soul had been awakened and that one day I would need to be performing on that stage. From piano recitals and competitions to theater camp and auditions I knew I was heading in the direction that my life wanted to go.  So now here I am in New York City, auditioning and performing as an actor and singer and musical directing and accompanying for both children and adults. I am constantly alternating between sitting at the piano and performing in front of it.  I am also passionate about doing tv and film.  I know how fortunate I am to be pursuing my dream of one day getting to fly across the stage as Peter Pan, to be the 'Girl' in Once, or Eliza in My Fair Lady to name a few of my dream roles.  Thank you so much for visiting my site and for allowing me to share a piece of who I am with you. 

Devra Seidel is a classical pianist, actor, singer and musical director.
She is currently the Musical director for Kids Company Showcase, a children’s theater company of the West Side YMCA in Manhattan.

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